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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  January 16, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EST

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but our embassy says he can'tso come. thhe family wants to come to the united states for the vacation of a lifetime. they want to spend their moneyd here and we will telling them y they can't. are you kidding me. d tax dollars hard at workchen o keeping children out of disneyg world. me. geraldo at large is next. here is the president of the united states. >> we spent much of the week mourning the victims and remembering their lives. we also discovered stories tha. served to lift us up.s stories of heroism and bravery.
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courage and community. stories that remind us that we are one american family, astime shrill and discordant as politics can be at times theren tos a moment thatd reminded us f who we really are and how much we depended on one another. coe my prayer is that we stand true to those words and turn to courage and perseverance to u hiring out the better in all oft us. >> this is a fox news alert. despite mr. obama's appeal to our better angels there was ath public death threat today in tucson that prompted police action. ironically, it came from a hard core liberal. at a town hall meeting packed with eyewitnesses and concerned citizens and member of congress. fuller left wing activist took a close up photo of the local tea party spokesman trent humphreys, then fuller said you're dead. he was promptly arrested. before i get to my explosive
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interview with jeb bush for more with what went down in tucson today, jason ogen a deputy for the pima county sheriff's department joins us live alongside a familiar face or at least a familiar hairdo steven cats friend of the mass murderers jared loughner. steven was at today's town hall meeting. tell us what happened. tell us what was said and what you saw, steven. >> well, when the representative from the tea party stood up to speak and he announced that he was from the tea party, eric turned around with his cam camera, eric was in the front row and the tea party spokesman was in the fourth row. eric turned around with his camera, took the picture of the guy from the tea party and said you're dead, like you had said. >> geraldo: did it mean it? did it sound to you like a death threat, steven? >> it sounded like "you're dead." it didn't sound like a joke at
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all. throughout the rest of the time. >> geraldo: pain in the butt during this town hall meeting? had this guy really interfered with what was going on? >> people seemed pretty shocked at what he had said. there is lots of whispers and someone next to me that had turned to eric and said, you know, now is not the time. this isn't appropriate. you need to sit down and be quiet. this isn't the time or place for. this he kept saying things like that whenever eric would boo or make an interrupting noise at whatever the man from the tea party was saying. >> >> geraldo: to deputy owingen where is this fellow if you recall now? >> fuller is currently at a local hospital where is he on a psychiatric evaluation. >> geraldo: has he so far been charged with any crime, deputy? >> yes. there are two charges against him. one is threats and intimidation. the other one is disorderly
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conduct. >> i know you don't like to give your opinion. but don't we wish that if jason loughner had come in your purview you had busted him for extended observation. but in the case of fuller, you're definitely treating it like a legitimate death threat, deputy? >> yes. yes. like was already stated before, he did turn around to trent humphreys and state "you're dead." [. >> geraldo: and had this guy been on your radar before, deputy? >> you know what? i really can't get into that. i don't know anything about his criminal history or his mental history. >> geraldo: okay. thank you deputy steven, we're going to see you later in craig's interview about the background of jared loughner. thank you both, steven. see you soon. the man many republicans, ladies and gentlemen, wish was running for president of the united states former florida governor general bush granted me an exclusive interview in which he
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talks about everything from gun control to educational reform to border security. in tucson, arizona. >> governor, thanks so much for being here. >> you bet. >> geraldo: i appreciate it we have so much to talk about. the need for the republican party. but i would be remiss if i didn't ask for you to comment on what happened in tucson, arizona, the reaction to it since it's this awful massacre. >> just unbelievable tragedy. brings just to see the pictures shown correctly so with great repetition of this precious child that lost her life going to her first political event. just to see how the parents show their love in such an eloquent way. very emotional, very moving and not related to the civil discourse or the political discourse in our country at all. but it has given people a chance to maybe pause and think is it appropriate to be jabbing each
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other, yelling and screaming at each other as we are prone to do in politics when these things happen or going forward is there a lesson to be learned that maybe we can be more civil? i hope so. because, you know, i was a former politician. i tried, i was pretty, you know, in people's face about my beliefs, but with civility because that's the way i was brought up. and i think we have really gone beyond beyond the pale as it relates to personalizing political discourse. not focused on the substance of the conversation. so, if this -- even though it's not necessarily related gives people a chance to pause on the left and right and say we can have a conversation to defend our views, without raising the desbell level, i hope it happens. >> geraldo: the president going to my old alma mater the university of arizona and making a speech. >> very good speech. i was moved by it clearly he was
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moved, which is good. sometimes i wish the president would show more emotion. presidents, you know, are our prime minister and our king, you know. and they have to be more than just kind of icy cool about the 5-point plan to solve our problem. they have to connect wh people. and i thought he did a very good job. >> geraldo: has the country found the middle road in terms of responding to this tragedy, not politicizing it but taking away from it the lessen you suggest that enough of the finger pointing and the shouting? >> in a round about way. because it seemed to me the first reaction was political. and now we have so many different means of access for people to express their political views, right? through columns and through the cable stations and through blogging. the cumulative effect knee jerk reaction of left saying it's the right's fault or the right saying no, it's your fault. that that happened and people paused and said, whoa, enough
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already. and i think that's the part that is positive. in a round about way, there is now kind of a consensus saying well, maybe, you you know, maybe it's okay to have a different point of view, but be respectful about it. and, you you know, ultimate test of that will be at the ballot box. the best way to change our culture, political culture is through electing candidates that vow to be civil. >> speaking of candidates, sarah palin made a now famous or infamous 8-minute videotape in which she responded to being called the blood libel. >> governor palin has every right to be deeply concerned by these type of attacks. i haven't seen how she responded. going forward, it does, i think, it will now be part of the calculus when people decide how they are going to advocate a position or, you know, defend a position that they may want to be careful about the language they use. i think that's fine.
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and if that's the end result of this, and there is a recognition that no one is to blame in the political process for, this that i think, our country would be better off. we're all, you too, we are all, you know, prone to, without thinking about it, use -- we're prone to exaggeration to make our point sometimes. you know, it's not necessary. so, all of us are sinners. you, i promise you, i have seen you a few times. we are all sinners in this regard. and so i'm not suggesting that it's one person. i think everybody in politics, you kind of get trained to make your point. you want to make it in a pay that pierces the consciousness level of people. and now maybe we can do in a different way that actually might be politically popular as well. the best chance for change is when you have -- when it becomes something that's the right thing to do and it's also popular politically because that kind of ensures people's behavior.
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regulates people's behavior better. >> geraldo: final political kind of question, you don't share your beloved mom's lowest steam for governor palin? >> i think my mom actually holds governor palin in high esteem. >> geraldo: she asked that she stay in alaska, though. >> i think that was a symbol of whether she should run for president or not. look, i hold governor palin in high regard, and i love my mother. so -- >> geraldo: two strong ladies. >> i'm going to try to avoid getting into a discussion about that. you know, i think you can -- i think i can love my mother and respect governor palin. i think i'm okay there. >> geraldo: much more with governor bush. watch that crazy youtube video in the upper right hand part of your screen posted by mass murderer jared loughner. in the midst of the nfl play offs we probe the investigation
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that's amway. to learn me,
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this is pima community college, one of the biggest scams in america, all of the teachers that you have are being paid illegally and have illegal authority over the constitution of the united states under the first
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amendment. in is genocide in america. >> geraldo: say what? that was 22-year-old jared loughner's youtube video shot by the nut case who should have one in amental institution long before he unleashed his apocalypse last sunday. casey stegall with the latest on senator gifford's condition. >> she is still listed in critical but stable condition this evening. doctors did give us encouraging news today. they said that this morning they performed a minor surgical procedure on the congress woman to remove the breathing tube from her mouth and inserted a new breathing tube in her windpipe in her neck which means that she is breathing on other own with the assistance of that ventilator. doctors say it allows them to protect her airways better. though we haven't heard any
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news on whether or not she is able to speak at this point. meantime the congresswoman is receiving aggressive physical therapy. they are dangling her legs off of her hospital bed. they tell us that she is moving both of her legs. she is moving both of her arms. and she is also moving her eyes and opening her eyes a lot more, responding more tore familiar voices like friends and family. as we reported yesterday she is able to click a ball point pen when asked to could do so and even removing the wedding ring from her husband's finger when told to do that. this is good news but doctors want to point out that she is not out of the woods just yet and, of course, she has a very long road to recovery, geraldo. >> geraldo: i guess you mix the good with the bad there, casey, thank you very much. you will continue to monitor that for fox news. i appreciate that. now, we go to craig who talked with some of the people who knew loughner including steven case, the fellow with the pink
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hair and some of loughner's ex-girlfriends. here is craig. >> make shift memorials like this up with at gabrielle giffords office have cropped up throughout tucson as residents try to come to grips with the situation and figure out why it happened. >> that grin that has been seen in his mugshot is similar to the grin that he had in class sitting at his desk with his fists clenched just grinning at people. >> a disturbing grin? >> yes. >> steven cates sat behind jared loughner in poetry class at pima county community college where the mass murder suspect was kicked out for loud and disturbing outbursts. >> there seemed to be a concerted effort to get him out of your class. what happened? >> after time of jared making the other students uncomfortable. mainly the girls, a few got together and asked if there was any way he could be removed from class. >> the school released 51 pages
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of shouting at teachers, incoherent rantings to campus police and delusional tirades on the internet. >> this is my genocide school where i'm going to be how manyless because of the school. -- he wasuss augusta spended suspended last fall but the school never contact the law enforcement or mental health officials which could have prevented jared from having a handgun. >> everything seemed normal new mexico he started having little anger bursts i guess you could call them. he would get plu plus flusteret like it was a way of trying to hold it back. >> his ex-girlfriend saw a violent change in loughner when they dated as 15-year-olds at mountain view high. >> i was only with him or three or four months. he started to scare me a little bit. i felt that i hadn't known him all that well at the time and so i wasn't sure if i should be worried about it and it still
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bothered me so i just stuck with my gut feeling and ended the relationship. >> when you heard about this mass shooting and you found out that jared was in in the middle of it, what did you think? >> shocked. >> did it make you fearful that something like this could have happened to you? >> it kind did. i'm not going to lie. made me think, what happened, if he had done something back when i was dating him, you know, what kind of situationing would that have been. >> ashley recently crossed paths with jared. >> he has crazy eyes and clenching fists. >> the last time i saw him it was like he was looking right through him. obviously had to do with what he was possibly planning to do. >> this is the home where jared loughner lived with his parents. a bag was found containing ammunition. cops say it belonged to jared loughner. eyewitnesses say he was seen
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fighting with his father when tried to place the bag in the trunk of his vehicle before the shooting incident occurred. >> he had anger. what towards exactly i'm not sure. i don't know. >> geraldo: craig, she seems a thoughtful young lady. did she think that he was nuts? >> she thought that there was definitely something off with him which is why she broke things off. she felt that there was the threatening moments, he would clench fists and get angry and have these fits of rage so she wanted to hedge her bets and cut things off with him. >> geraldo: what is behind you? describe that? how many folks are there and what is that? >> what we have is a makeshift memorial that has been here since the tragedy occurred. and what you see are a lot of people gathering and they are gathered here every single day putting out candles, messages to the victims, photos.
1:20 am
balloons. stuffed animals. memories for the victims. and good hopes that they get better soon. >> geraldo: it is amazing how many people, i mean the story is a week old but people are still flocking, people of tucson, caring very deeply. craig, thank you. thank you very much for that report. coming up, is his town in turmoil? the tucson police chief reacts. and another young lady who knew the s [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspireby you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where u want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way.
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>> well, dammity, sheriff, if you are not surprised and you know the rhetoric is hot why not have your guys there? >> why not direct our ragt at the medical health system that allowed. >> that is another story for another time. >> that has to be where we make
1:24 am
the judgment. >> geraldo, address my point. there saying the rhetoric is hot. >> personal disdain and distaste for the man that i don't share, bill. >> look, you have to answer my question. he says to the nation the rhetoric is hot down here. okay. that is his thesis. that is what he says. and he doesn't put one deputy down there? he is an idiot! >> geraldo: he is an idiot says bill o'reilly. i don't agree. we are joined by the tucson police chief and by a friend of the accused mass killer jared loughner. chief, you first. first, though, i understand that the murders happened in the county, not in the city where you have the police force rather than the sheriff's deputies. do you leave your -- do you believe your -- first of all, let me ask you specifically. when congresswoman giffords was in the city of tucson during her campaign events or political meet and greet the voters did you provide a city cop, security for the
1:25 am
congresswoman? >> not on a routine basis. if the congresswoman requested any type of security we proslided that or if -- we provided that or if we had information that led us to believe there was a problem we would provide officers. was rare. the congresswoman and ooh lot of congress people come down here and hold events on a regular basis without any security of law enforcement. >> what do you think of the criticism of the sheriff that he failed utterly to provide security in a red hot political environment? >> i think that there is a lot of people talking with the benefit of hindsight. you did not have a situation here where there was a known threat. you have an individual who was obviously unstable. this was not something that the sheriff had prior knowledge of or that congresswoman giffords had prior knowledge of and so i think that is an unfair criticism. >> geraldo: let me ask you a better question. what are you going to do from this day forward, chief?
1:26 am
going to provide a cop any time a congresswoman is in the city of tucson? you know, given the benefit of 20/20 hindsight as you suggest? >> you know, since the day that that happened, we have provided police officers at every federal representative, senator or congress person in the city of tucson at their offices and at their residence just because we wanted to make sure everyone was safe right now. as the time goes on we are meeting with each individual office to determine what their level of safety is, what they feel they need and then also we will obviously intercede if we have information that they may not be aware of that leads us to believe it would be a little more prudent for us to have people there. >> geraldo: so things have changed, chief? >> i don't know if things -- well, yeah, obviously things have changed. i guess it is that way across the country. i think that every jurisdiction will probably be talking with
1:27 am
their congressional representative just as they did on that conference call back in d.c. with capitol police. i think that people are going to be more aware of what is going on and pay much more attention to any potential threats and i do think that the atmosphere has changed some what. how long that will be, i don't know. >> geraldo: i tell you, if we can have a state trooper accompany an ncaa football coach when goes to an out o of town game, we can have a cop or deputy or if we are in d.c., a federal marshall or a capitol security cop with just one uniformed cop would make a difference. chris, i want you to stand by. i will get to you. chief, thank you very much. i appreciate it. chris, please stand by. i will take a commercial break and what i'm going ask you when we come back is what your impression was of this guy. right now, would this man jeb bush accept a draft for eseseses boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko. gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people
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from america's news headquarters, i'm lauren green. the death toll climbing following massive flooding. in australia months of nonstop rain claimed 26 lives. many people are missing and much of bris bin remains under water. in brazil more than six people reported dead following - mud
1:31 am
slides near rio dejannero. dozens of people stranded for hours in ohio. more than 80 skiers stuck on the chair lift as the device unexpectedly sat down on saturday. after three hours the chilly skiers were lowered to safety. there were no reports of injuries and no one had to be taken to the hospital. i'm lauren green. now, back to "geraldo at large." >> geraldo: we are back live in the latest ratings, president obama maintaining his december surge. registering 48.6% approval against just 45.7% disapproval. and one of the few potential candidates who could effectively challenge the president give him a run for his money, former florida governor jeb bush. but will i run? before we find out we are continuing live. let me show you the video that was taken of james eric fuller the man arrest ared today after
1:32 am
threatening a member of the tea party. fuller is a left winger. the tea party guy obviously conservative a right winger. fuller told him you are dead. fuller was shot in the knee and the back during the confrontation with jared loughner and yet he is well enough to get to this meeting and be extremely emotional about what the trent humphreys the tea party guy said along with another conservative and yelling you're dead, though, that is kind of sick. now, as promised, krista bunch, the ex-friend of the tucson shooter. you went to middle school and high school with him. is that right? >> yes, it is. okay. so what do you think? take us back when you first met him, what did you think? >> he just seemed like any other ordinary kid. you know, anybody up the block but he was really quiet throughout high school. he didn't really talk to a lot of people. he really was different.
1:33 am
>> geraldo: tell me, you are saying he is different. let's cut to the chase. were you surprised when turned up as the perpetrator, the alleged perpetrator of this terrible deed? >> i was very, very surprised when i found out this happened. it is somebody that you wouldn't suspect this to happen. like you wouldn't suspect this guy to do this. >> everyone else said he was weird. did he turn weird after high school then? >> yeah, he turned weird about halfway through high school. i mean he dropped out of high school. he just didn't have it all that great in high school. he dropped out. he quit band. he broke up with his girlfriend and he just sort of just like cut himself off from everybody. >> geraldo: why were you surprised then? >> i think -- i didn't think he would actually go out and kill people. i thought he maybe would have done stupid stuff like how us
1:34 am
kids like how my generation does stupid stuff. >> thank you. take care of yourself. i appreciate you coming on. now, back to politics and my exclusive interview with the man most feel could be president obama's most formidable challenger, former florida governor jeb bush. >> you opposed the arizona law as far as i can determine. why did you oppose it? >> i opposed it in its original form which allowed people to be stopped for no reason at all other than the suspicion that they may not be here legally. i don't think that is american. i don't think that is who we are. and the law was actually modified to say as i understand it that if you were caught committing a traffic violation or in the act of a crime that then you could check someone's documentation and that is a more legitimate question. the answer to this is that the
1:35 am
federal government do its job and, that has been of great frustration to me. if you asked president obama how do you measure whether the border is secure or not, he wouldn't have a specific benchmark from which you could say, okay, the boarder is controlled. we have to start at that level. once we get to a point where our border is controlled then we need immigration preform as a nation. >> geraldo: don't you, didn't you risk alieniating some of the fellow conservative republicans opposing the arizona law. >> you could hear crickets around me in my views on immigration on this particular issue. it is a solitary view i guess or close to it. i guess it proves i'm not running for anything. >> geraldo: speaking of republicans, three out of four in a recent poll said that you should be the senate candidate that would go against bill nelson in 2012. how can you deny the aspirations, the wishes of three quarters of the
1:36 am
republican people in florida? >> i love the republican people of florida but i have had a chance to serve. i got, i said what i wanted to do and i worked hard to do what i said i was going to do. and that was really kind of to be honest with you, it was really what i wanted to do. i don't view politics as a career. and i have a duty i think to my family to achieve some financial security. so, i'm involved in education reform issues nationally. i get to help now the candidates that i really believe in and hopefully we have a huge -- we have a huge padre of great now leaders emerging in the governorships and other places that i got to help so i still have a voice so i'm blessed. but i'm not a candidate for the united states senate. >> geraldo: you mentioned duty. what if there were a draft, governor, seriously, for the presidency in 2012? why not jeb bush. you are by, you know, any time you are polled you do so well against a field that has seemed so scattered to many.
1:37 am
>> we have great candidates running and they already are running and organizing and they will emerge and they all have challenges they have to overcome. some of them aren't well known but they have the right stuff. and i have the humility to know that there isn't a groundswell of people asking me p to be drafted. i'll be involved and i will be helpful. >> geraldo: fretting is one thing. are you willing to say in a shermanesque way that you will not be a candidate in 2012 for the presidency of the united states? >> i will once again say that i am not going be a candidate in 2012. and geraldo, i think part of my problem is as a former politician everybody incredibly deeply discounts anything a politician says. >> geraldo: about not running. >> like somehow it is not believable. >> geraldo: what about 2016. i have nod heard you deny any interest in that. >> i said and i will repeat this. never say never. >> geraldo: about 2016.
1:38 am
>> or anything else. i can tell you something that close in like running for president in 2012 is not going to happen. >> geraldo: president obama had a very, very rocky 2010. he did well in december, i think in some ways although it is so distasteful so suggest that there is renewed respect for the president after the arizona tragedy but how would you characterize his tenure so far? how has he done and what are the prospects that he will be a formidable candidate? >> irrespective of my views he will be a formidable candidate. he was a formidable one two years ago. i think you can never underestimate his chances of reelection. now, it is a relates to his performance there is a lot to be concerned about in the massive regulation of our economy, the change in healthcare and just unintended consequences of 300 separate
1:39 am
rule making processes underway. we are in a heap of trouble because of this world view that government can through mandating and regulating and taxing and spending can create prosperity. and i have -- i believe he is wrong thi in that regard and hs not had people around him, geraldo, that have any practical experience either as a small business person or working for a major corporation. so, okay, two years in. he finally found some guy from jp morgan. one guy. i can't think of another one. that is -- that is troubling. and so the question in it my mind is, is the president pivoting, learning and pivoting to a place where there could be some common ground found or at least on the things of national purpose, symptom ability to put aside the partisanship and work on them together conservatives and liberals.
1:40 am
i don't know. i just don't know. that is still too early to tell. leading up to december it was at least up until that time it was clear that he wanted to change who we were as a nation through using the power of the executive. >> geraldo: that big a deal. >> and it was rejected. it was roundly. he got shellacked to use his own words. >> geraldo: he did in november. >> now, you know, now we have a new tactic that yields a better result and his poll numbers have gone up and perhaps he sees the benefit of trying to find common ground and lessening some of this hardened idealogiccal efforts. it is really up to the president. if he wants to govern closer to the middle i think it puts pressure on the republicans to respond in kind. a he only shows that a torically but continues to govern to the left we are probably in for two years of
1:41 am
gridlock. >> geraldo: your endorsement of marco rubio was the seminole event in my opinion. it put him over the top, certainly put him center stage for him to win or lose on his own which he did in magnificent fashion. but given the potency of an endorsement if there is no jeb bush in 2012 for whom does that designation go? >> you are kind to say that my endorsement of marco was meaningful. his candidacy was so extraordinary because of his just sheer eloquence. every time i heard him speak he basically made me cry. how can a grown man cry six times in a ten month period. >> john boehner and me. >> speaker bainer wil boehner y
1:42 am
when hears marco. he is grounded. he has a great wife. his family will keep him grounded and my involvement in the presidential race, i don't know. we have to wait and see. we have some great candidates. all of the ones that are the candidates that are being talked about i could easily support. >> geraldo: sarah palin? >> i don't know if she is running. she hasn't done all of the work that others are doing in terms of laying the groundwork. >> geraldo: how about our own mike huckabee? >> i love huckabee. and he is a floridian now, too. >> geraldo: right. like my mom. >> gretchen: he is a great man. i think -- >> he is a great man. i think he is underestimated in terms of his intellectual skills. he is incredibly smart and really witty and connects as well with people as anybody in the public life today. >> geraldo: and plays a mean bass.
1:43 am
your final response to the nation at this difficult time? >> well, my heart and prayers have gone out to the family members of those that lost their lives and certainly to the congresswoman who is in the hospital and tucson in general that is grieving at this moment. and, once again, it is not because of the lack of civility that this occurred but how it plays out. it gives us an opportunity to kind of pause and say this is how politics ought to be done. so if that becomes one of the legacies of this tragedy it will be a positive one. >> geraldo: governor, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> geraldo: in the mid of the nfl playoffs is brett favre the only sex crazy quarterback? we will hear from a confessed jersey chaser after this.
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1:46 am
>> geraldo: back live. two questions. how in the hell about jared loughner a nut case buy a glock and those extended magazines and two, should he die for his crimes? kimberly guilfoyle and candace join us. should he get the death penalty? >> i don't think so. not that his crimes aren't worthy of that ultimate punishment is that it certainly appears that he is severely mentally ill.
1:47 am
probably suffering from schizophrenia and i think as a sew sigh city we should judge ourselves on how we treat those less fortunate than the rest of us. >> geraldo: wasn't it timothy mcveigh crazy? he killed 168 people. the cho fellow at virginia tech. >> timothy mcveigh was not crazy. his thinking was clear. mr. cho in virginia did appear to be suffering from primary thought disorder schizophrenia and delusional and hearing voices. it appears that is the case with jared loughner, too. i don't think we should execute the mentally ill. when they are compelled to commit a crime because of their mental illness. should he be kept away from the rest of us probably for the rest of his life? yes. >> geraldo: kimberly, what do you say?
1:48 am
>> having presented the cases to the death panels to the district attorney's office and making a determination like this, of course, he would get a proper mental health evaluation and psychiatric determination. >> geraldo: you have to be crazy to kill all these people. >> you can know the difference between right and wrong and have premeditation intent and carry out these actions. >> geraldo: isn't there evidence of premeditation. >> absolutely. also some of his writings ahead of time that he intended to do this and laid it out carefully and went there at the specific time that he knew she would be there and intended to do this act. a lot of specific intention on his part that is going to be tough for him to overcome by clear and convincing evidence and do some kind of not guilty by reason of insanity defense. it is very difficult to do. of course, if he is able to prove to the courts and to the prosecutors that he in fact didn't understand what he was doing and was compelled then obviously he is not going to get the death penalty. unless and until he does that he is death penalty eligible
1:49 am
and the state and federal government should carry it out. >> geraldo: you know how much we respect your opinion. what about the gun. should he have been able to buy the gun and did that make the difference? >> of course, he should not have been able -- allowed to buy the gun but on the other hand let's not forget no one picked up the phone to call the police to have this guy picked up and brought in for an evaluation which they could have done. had that happened he might have been deemed by a psychiatrist in need of mental health and could have been involuntarily committed and then there would have been a record for gun stores to check. as such that did not happen. however, there are countries where citizens are not allowed to have guns and often times when somebody goes nuts and is deluxal, it happened in london a few years ago, a person like this just got a big butcher knife and went around stabbing people in a mall before they were stopped. the gun makes it easier. >> i have seen new york.
1:50 am
you don't see guys thank god, mass killers, you know, blasting away. >> but it is not as simplistic as you are making it sound like if he didn't have access to the gun this wouldn't have happened. that is not the case. i do think people dropped the ball in terms of the school officials and sheriff's department should have filed a complaint. >> my beef, you have to have a much tighter. much tighter. candace, thank you.
1:51 am
start your kids on a path to a healthy tomorrow. be our guest to healthy living today at
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1:53 am
roethlisberger going to go deep. >> geraldo: roethlisberger, pittsburgh steelers quarterback got in hot water. he still led his team to victory over the bitter rival baltimore ravens.
1:54 am
lawrence taylor who pled guilty friday in a rape kiss fighter hall of famer bret favre beats mounting that's another question. i have got it here. somewhere here on my desk. he is now being sued by two massage temperature pis who tended to him new york jets. ladies claim they were fired after turning down favre's sexual advances. elizabeth is their attorney. but we begin with an admitted former jersey chaser, author of jock itch and star of abc family's make it or break it rosa blaze joins me. it's actually a pretty good book. it sounds tacky, the misadventures of retired jersey chaser. >> thank you. >> geraldo: actually, i read it, coming out in march. pretty good. let me read quickly, super bowl week all about the parties, has nothing to do with the three-hour game that culminates on sunday night. the game is just an after
1:55 am
thought. real lure is the 100 guys to one girl ratio like a gay pride parade but with men who enjoyed have a joinna. meeting men there was easier than if i a stewardest on a plane home from prison. you have seen all of the sex that goes with football. isn't it inevitable in when does sexuality become entrapment? >> well, this past year, really since the tiger woods scandal what's ended up happening is that the media is rewarding people for bad behavior. whether it's oprah visiting rielle hunter in her home or a huge annie leash wits spread in vanity fair. there is r. rewards for women to come forward. i don't think the behavior is any different. i think now, unfortunately, there is rewards for women talking about it. >> geraldo: put up a picture of the woman at the center that brett favre had to pay a $50,000 fine, i don't know to
1:56 am
whom, the nfl i guess. she was all about sec. she is busting her buttons, anything she wears. is it that, you know, surprising that the stud quarterback comes on to her? >> is it surprising? no. if she is good at what she does, it doesn't matter what she wears. she could be wearing pasties and can succeed as a journalist if she asks the right or whatnot by bearing cleavage or wearing jeans that look painted on. i don't fault her for that because the cream rises to the top. if she is intelligent she will succeed. do i fault the quarterback? you know, it is sort of expected if you have amounts of fame and money, i'm sorry, show me guy with money and fame i will show you a guy playing musical
1:57 am
vaginas. >> geraldo: i didn't see that one at fao schwartz. in your lawsuit you quote bret favre sending text messages to your client. you and christie want to get together? i'm all alone. kind of lonely tonight. i guess i have bad intentions. sounds kind of sex harassment of the masseuses you represent. why did you wait two years only filing it after jen sturgeon. >> after the publicity occurred my clients received phone calls from lisa ripe who was the massage coordinator threatening them not to come forward. >> geraldo: out of the blue she called your clients. >> he there was media reports with respect to unnamed massage therapists. somehow coincidently lisa ripe knew who that was. >> she was the massage coordinator? >> yes. >> geraldo: is that a job i can get? >> every week. come together realize that's why they hadn't been called by the jets after the whole debacle
1:58 am
with bret favre two years earlier. and they weren't in a hurry to bring a lieu suit. there is a tremendous amount of publicity. they didn't believe that the jets would be discriminating against them and hoped that they weren't but it became clear after she called and harassed my clients and threatened them that that happen. zño?çhiño nówwomú÷ç>÷óoñhf/
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